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Kawaii Star Frames

This my brand new decorative frame pack. It is a PNG pack,
there is 8 colors in this pack to use. You may use them for
your commercial/personal use projects and designs.
Please do not add them to other collections or clipart sites
If you use my art please provide my credits in your
tou and a link back to my blog is appreciated!

Thanks so much and enjoy creating!

Word Art-Mermaid at Heart Mega Pack

If your a big fan of mermaids, dolphins and sunny beach days
then this pack is perfect for you! It's got a few phrases in it perfect for
all your "Splashing" creations!

I've combine old wordart, repurposed and new word art in this pack.
Mermaid at Heart is a PNG pack.
It is free to use with my credits
Please refer to my tou if you have any questions.

If you have any issues give me a shout out below! I check daily!
Happy Scrapping,

Ps Brush Pack-ABR

This is a pack of photoshop brushes that is sunflower themed. I really love sunflowers.
They are my favorite summer flower. The color on the brushes is only added in the display, the brushes come as an ABR file. I made them in photoshop cs6.1 extended.

You are free to use for your designs, please do not claim them or add them
to other collections online.

Thanks so much, Enjoy!

Frames-Jewel Rose Heart Frames

Jewel Rose Heart Frames
For Commercial use, Personal use
These were made with my set of photoshop styles called Crystal Caves.
These are free to use with proper credits in your tou.

Do not share or add to other collections!

Ps Style-Pastel Gloss

Pastel Gloss photoshop styles. Click the image above to download asl file.
These are made in photoshop cs6.1
They are free to use, do not claim my styles as your own or add to
other collections!


I made this using my pastel gloss styles, my texture and some manga brushes
I've collected from Deviant art.

PS Style-Glitter Bomb

Glitter bomb photoshop styles. Click the image above to download asl file.
These are made in photoshop cs6.1
They are free to use, do not claim my styles as your own or add to
other collections!


Updated-My girl Wordart plus cliparts

This is my updated version of my popular "My Girl" wordart pack. I've turned it all into PNG images instead of psd as I know not everyone uses photoshop.
It is free to use. Please use my credits in your tou or link back to my blog.
Please read my tou that is in file if you have any questions or you can comment below
and I will try to get back to you as soon as I can.
Happy Scrapping!

PS Styles-Cupcake Frosting

This is a pack that I use to make my candies and other sweets.
It is free to use, please do not share my files or offer them for free on other sites.
Link back if you use it!

Much love, Happy Scrapping!

Ps Style- Crystal Caves

Click to download from
my google drive

This is a set that I had in secret garden for awhile, its not longer there so I decided to share it here for a free to use Style set. Hope you like it and can use it. I will share some examples of what it can do below for you to see it in action. Thanks so much and as always happy scrapping!!

Photoshop Patterns- FTU My Starry Spring Pack

This is a brand new pack of Premium Patterns for Photoshop Ive made.
You're free to use them in your designs. Please link back to my blog and give credit in your tou
if you use my work.

Please do not add my work to other collections or offer as downloads else were!
Do not share my files!

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