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Tagger sized elements- Rainbow Hearts

Some rainbow heart elements I've made for you to use.
Click the preview to download. The file has PDF and PNG in it.

Happy Scrapping!

Tagger sized elements- Heart Boarders

This pack has some little heart boarder in it. There is PNG files in this pack as well as PFD.
Click the preview above to download.
Happy Scrapping!

Tagger sized elements- Glitter Hearts

Here are some more little hearts for you to use in your Valentines creations. Enjoy! 

Happy Scrapping!

Tagger sized elements- Galaxy Hearts

Here are some original little elements for you to use.
These would be great in almost any thing. You can use them for Valentines day stuff as well.

Happy Scrapping!

Glass pendants

Click to download
These are some cute little jeweled pendants you can add to whatever you want.

Star dust geod pendants

Click to download

These are some old elements I've made, little jewels you can use in whatever you want if you want. Hope you like them. 

Butterfly Charms

Click to download

These are another little element I've made. I used them for a craft project. These were one of the first items I turned into tubes. 

Pearl Charms

Click top image to download both packs
File is a two in one type. 

Jewels n Makeup Elements

Click to download

This is a pack of assorted elements I've done for you to use.
The elements are all original pieces, photographed and tubed by me or drawn by me. 

Updated!! October Breast Cancer Awareness Paper pack

Click preview to download
from my google drive 

This is a pack I made awhile back.
It's free to use with credits that are provided in the zipfile.
I'm updating the links on my posts to a more reliable host.
Thank you for your support!

Feathery Goth Frames

 Click to download threw my mediafire

This is my set of filigree frames in 8 different colors.
You change the colors to your liking for whatever project you are doing. 

If you use my frames please include my credit in your TOU.
Read my tou for info on how to credit my work.

Thanks so much, happy scrapping! 

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