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Christmas Lollipops

Click image to download 

Please use my credits in your tou if you use my work. If you write tutorials using my work please link back to my main blog page only!

Happy Scrapping,

Another Cluster Frame Christmas Freebie


Hi everyone, 
I have just settled down for the night from crafting(no, not playing Minecraft!) Crafting a few art/writing mini journals for my children as their Christmas presents. 

But that is not what this post is about, this post is about these adorable Cluster Frames! I've made another set of frames using some Tiny Turtle CU elements and my own frames for them.

You are free to use them in your designs. If you use them in kits they have to be for personal use only! You can not use them as cu4cu. You can make tags with them, quick pages, layouts ect..But it all must be for personal use! 

Happy Scrapping,

Updated!! Artic Snow Paper Pack

Click image to download
from my google drive.

My Artic snow paper pack from last winter.
This is one of my favorite packs, 
I really love the color combo.
I hope you do as well and can use my pack!
The download link has been 
updated to a better source for the file.

Cyberpunk Cluster Frames

Click to download threw my mediafire

 I've been enjoying just messing around with the different CU stuff I have. I came up with these little cutie frames. There is also some plain frames in the pack incase you want to make your own frames as well. 

You are free to use them for your kits,tags,tutorials ect as long as it's for personal use. These are not CU4CU. Please remember you can't share the file only the link to my blog. Please do not add them to other collections, redistribute to other sites or claim as your own. 

Note- I had to use a different site to share my files since mediafire is down. If this site is not working, please let me know in the comments and I will get them to you another way. 
 Happy Scrapping and Merry Christmas!

Cupcake Christmas Cluster Frames

 Click to download threw my mediafire
This is a little thing I was just messing around with. I thought they came out cute so I wanted to share them for you all to use. You are free to use them as long as you don't share them, sell them or use them for anything but personal use.

I had to use a different site to upload the file to since it seems that mediafire is down. Hopefully that will change otherwise I may have to go over to wix again. They have file hosting on there as well as blogging and other site apps. 

Happy scrapping and Merry Christmas!

Updated!! GingerAle Paper Pack

Click preview to download
from my google drive

This is one of my favorite packs, its design was inspired by my favorite soda GingerAle. I made it in a few abstract shapes and plenty of bright colors! 


Updated!! Dark Queen Paper Pack


Click preview to download
from my google drive

Here is another free to use paper pack comin' at ya! I think it's safe to say I offically specialize in making paper packs. I really enjoy making them!
You can use them in whatever you would like as long as your use my credits. Linking back is not necessary just use the credits provided in the tou!

Updated!! Sweet as Candy Paper Pack

 Click preview to download
from my google drive

This is a newly updated preview for an older pack. This was one of the first paper packs I made. Feel free to use in your crafts and projects. 
Click image to download

Commercial use is allowed with proper credits. Please be sure to leave a comment if you download and use it!  

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